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Solar & Photovoltaic (PV)

Solar panels convert sunlight into DC (direct current) electric power. An Inverter converts that DC power into standard AC (alternating current) power for use at work or home. Existing electrical panel distributes solar energy throughout the structure. If the demand exceeds solar production, the existing utility power provides a backup system to ensure uninterrupted power flow. In case the solar power generation exceeds consumption, the power is sent to the electric utility for full credit at prevailing retail rates.

There are several Photovoltaic modules available on the market with varying sizes, materials and ratings. The size of the panel depends on the amount of sunlight available in a particular location and overall energy consumption. State-Wide Electric’s team can assist in choosing the proper size and type of module with the highest rating efficiency, which in turn will produce the highest level of power. Our electricians are skilled in installing electrical connections and take utmost care when placing mounting hardware to prevent damage to the structure. Additionally, we place the inverter in the most strategic location in the structure to ensure easy access and overall pleasing aesthetic.

Incentives could be available to you for the installation of Solar & Photovoltaic systems.

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