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Fuse Box Upgrade to Circuit Box (Service Upgrade)

The fuse box is where all your electrical power is distributed from in your home. If a fuse fails, it must be replaced for the electrical power to be distributed to the electrical component in your home. Fuse boxes are generally installed in older homes.

A fuse box that has exceeded its life expectancy or has not been maintained properly can create a serious safety issue. The signs that the fuse box may need repair or upgrading to a circuit panel box are the need to frequently replace fuses that have blown out, wiring may have become loose over the years, or the wiring insulation may be worn or torn and is contacting the ground. A licensed electrician should inspect the fuse box to avoid the risk of fire.

If you home has a circuit box panel, and you are adding equipment that exceeds the load the existing circuit box panel can distribute, our licensed electricians can replace or perform a service upgrade to provide you with the proper circuit box panel that meets your homes new power needs.

If any of these conditions exist, please contact State-Wide Electric to review your options and needs.

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