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Beauty or Spa Salon

Beauty or spa salons provide a relaxing escape from everyday life’s hustle by providing an environment that is soothing and tranquil to promote rejuvenation of mind, body, and soul. Although the overall ambiance of the beauty or spa salon should be relaxing and soothing for its clients, it must also provide adequate level of lighting for technicians and staff.

State-Wide Electric’s lighting team are experienced in designing lighting solutions that create the right atmosphere without becoming obtrusive for your beauty or spa salon. Beauty or spa salons are generally composed of different amenities that require different lighting. Pools, saunas, hot tubs, hair and makeup stations and treatment rooms all have different lighting needs. Let State-Wide Electric help design the appropriate lighting needs to set the ambiance in your beauty or spa salon.

Additionally, State-Wide Electric can provide to your beauty or spa salon services for new installations or repairs to lighting, power outlets, switches, equipment, generator, wireless access points, data lines/outlets, infrared scanning and parking lot lighting up to 40’ high.

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