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Generator Repairs

Have you found yourself without power when you expected your backup generator to perform?

Did you get an error notification from your generator?

Does something just not sound right when your generator is exercising?

State-Wide Electric is trained and certified to troubleshoot and repair your Generac generator. We keep on-hand an inventory of parts to ensure you are back up and running as quickly as possible. Get effective and reliable generator repairs for your home if you think anything is wrong. You do not want to wait until you actually need your generator working to find out that it is in need of some repairs.

Having a generator ensures piece of mind for those who have one. But when it is on the fritz, it can be unsettling. Leave it to the pros at State-Wide Electric to handle any and all repairs for your home generator. On top of the repairs we do, we also offer professional installation of a generator for your home. Get safe and affordable installation done in a timely manner when you turn to State-Wide. Located in Glastonbury, Connecticut, we offer our services for many home and business owners in the area.

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