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Equipment Relocation, Expansion, and Upgrades

Equipment relocations can be stressful and demanding, particularly when planning the relocation of power protection systems. State-Wide Electric offers a full range of electrical services for equipment relocation, expansion, and upgrades. Every situation is handled uniquely, which means every equipment relocation, expansion, and upgrade installation and maintenance plan is personalized, which in turn contributes to equipment efficiency and lifespan. State-Wide Electric works with all parties to ensure no or little downtime.

Why You Need an Experienced Electrician for Equipment Relocation

Are you in the process of moving your store, restaurant or commercial facility to a new location? Then you need a trusted electrician with years of experience relocating electrical equipment. Equipment relocation is a major challenge any business owner faces. Here are 5 reasons why you should turn to us for your electrical equipment relocation.

  1. Proper load sizing avoiding any unnecessary shutdowns: An energy audit is critical to avoiding system overload and power failure in the new location. When you turn to us, we will make sure the exact requirements are met and create an efficient power distribution system.
  2. Equipment testing: When relocating electrical equipment, we do testing that makes cost saving decisions for you. We will test all equipment and machinery currently in use to help you determine which items to move or replace, which can save you a lot of money.
  3. Preservation of Equipment Warranties: As professional relocators of electrical equipment, we will handle all of the equipment safely. Ensuring that all equipment is properly transported and installed, thus minimizing your liabilities and keeping your warranties intact. 
  4. Professional Electrical Drawings: Getting an electrical permit is a lot easier when there is a well-mapped electrical plan, which is what you get when you turn to the professionals at State-Wide Electric. These drawings can also help with the placement of equipment for optimal productivity and energy efficiency.
  5. Testing & Correcting Any Glitches: Turning to a licensed electrician ensures a professional troubleshooting of all the equipment and preventing any startup delays. This includes ensuring safety circuits and emergency stops are properly installed and working and verifying grounding and performing a power quality survey for voltage snags.

There are a few crucial aspects to consider when moving your business, but with the help of State-Wide Electric we can streamline all aspects of electrical equipment relocation. Making the move smooth.

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