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Microwave ovens are part of almost any home and can use a considerable amount of energy. Which means they are an integral part of any home's electrical output. Whether you are installing new or replacing an old microwave, State-Wide Electric’s expert electricians can help you out. We offer a range of microwave services that include the following:

  • installing a new mounting plate.
  • securing the microwave to the mounting plate or cabinet.
  • connecting the microwave to your existing ductwork or outlet or installation of new outlets.

State-Wide Electric’s electricians are trained, certified, licensed and insured. Be on the lookout for warning signs when it comes to a malfunctioning microwave. If you observe any signs of a poorly performing microwave, then reach out to us today. Get comprehensive and trustworthy microwave services and repair when you turn to State-Wide Electric. By addressing your microwave issues head-on, you are preventing any long-term issues and improving the lifespan of the appliance. Located in Glastonbury, Connecticut, we provide our electrical services for homeowners throughout the state.

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