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AFCI Receptacles

An AFCI Receptacle (arc fault circuit interrupter) is a type of outlet that can detect dangerous conditions and protect the homeowner by immediately cutting off power. AFCI receptacles are the latest innovations in electrical safety technology. They are installed in the living space so homeowners can see the indicator light and perform TEST and RESET locally as needed and recommended.

An AFCI protection device will detect any ‘arcing’ (i.e. sparks, where electricity is being conducted through the air and converted to heat when you don’t want it to) and shut down the outlet before any damage can be done. AFCI protection is now required by the National Electrical Code, for electrical wiring that serve all sleeping areas, such as bedrooms or dens with fold out couches. These are areas where fires could start and catch people who are sleeping or otherwise unable to get out quickly.

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