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Ceiling Fans

Do you need a new fan or want to replace an old one? State-Wide Electric’s expert electricians are here to help you with your ceiling fan installation at a reasonable price. Fans make our lives more comfortable because they cool us down, remove stale cooking smells, increase air circulation, and distribute heat evenly during cold Connecticut winters.

You can choose a fan yourself or let us help you with the style that will flatter your home décor, the size that is appropriate for your rooms, functionality and above all with safe and secure installation. Whether the fan requires new wiring, or the pre-existing fixture wiring can be utilized, State-Wide Electric’s skilled electricians will find the best and most feasible solution for your home.

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Ceiling fans are a great addition to your home. Not only are they functional, but they can also be a statement piece that can add to the style of the room or space of your choice.

State-Wide Electric is here for you whether you need to replace an existing ceiling fan and the existing wiring can be utilized, or you need a complete installation in the new location from scratch. State-Wide Electric’s licensed electricians will make sure your ceiling fan has been correctly wired, balanced, secured to the ceiling, and ensure that the blades have enough space to rotate.

Today's ceiling fans come with a variety of options including remote control, quality finishes, light fixtures, a quiet motor, and variable-speed settings.