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Chandeliers can be a statement piece that completely changes the look and feel of a room. Depending on their size and shape, installing a chandelier can be a tricky process. Chandeliers typically illuminate dining rooms, foyers and kitchens, but can be installed wherever a homeowner has the height for the chandelier to be displayed.

State-Wide Electric has the capability and experienced electricians to work in high ceiling locations to safely install a new or replace an existing chandelier.

It’s important to consider your current wiring situation before committing to a new fixture. If you have recessed lights where you want to hang a pendant fixture, you’re in luck! You can convert those to accommodate pendant lighting with a conversion kit. Another option is to opt for plug-in pendant lights with a swag that swings over to the spot you want to hang it from.

But no matter what type of hanging fixture you may be considering, State-Wide Electric has worked with them all.

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