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Electric Charging Station – Car Charger for Home

Electric cars mean drivers need affordable, convenient, and compatible options for charging their car at home, work, or anywhere a car can go.  Charging stations at workplaces and public destinations help bolster the acceptance of Plug-In Electric Vehicles. EV Cars / Vans

Many EV and PHEV owners will be able to meet their daily driving range requirements by charging overnight with Level 1 EVSE, requiring no added cost or installation, provided that a power outlet on a dedicated circuit is available near their parking location.  For longer commutes, Level 2 charging equipment can be installed.  The most basic Level 2 products have only standard safety features and status lights.  More advanced, “smart” Level 2 products have features such as enhanced displays, charging timers, communications capabilities, and keypads.  It is best to install the Level 2 equipment typically recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.

Level 1 charging stations use 110V power and provide an EV with 2 to 5 miles per 60 minutes of charging.
Level 2 Charging stations use 240V and can provide an EV with about 10 to 20 miles of charge per every 60 minutes.
Level 3 chargers are 480V and can completely recharge most Electric Vehicles in 30 minutes.  These units appeal to malls, grocery stores, gas stations, and public buildings.

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