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Code Violation Correction

It is not always readily apparent that your electrical system is not up to code.  Subtle signs such as flickering lights and circuit breakers tripping may provide a warning signal, but often problems go undetected.  Undetected problems may cause fires resulting in property damage and disruption to business operations.

State-Wide Electric is committed to identifying and correcting code violations.  Our electricians have extensive expertise in diagnosing and resolving Code Violations.  State-Wide Electric recommends you have us perform a comprehensive review of your electrical wiring.  Our review will thoroughly inspect connections and the condition of all your circuit breakers to ensure the breakers are operating properly. We will check the power supply box to determine that the electrical system is operating safely and efficiently, to prevent electrical fires.

Following our inspection, we will notify you of any items that do not adhere to the code so that any Code Violations can be corrected as soon as possible.  We can correct certain identified Code Violations and upgrade any devices or wiring while our electricians are on site provided you have authorized us to make the Code Violation corrections.

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