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Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors save lives!! Having the proper number of smoke detectors in your home is crucial according to the National Fire Protection Agency. Fire research found that today’s furnishings, fires can spread more rapidly than with the past natural material furnishings.

Having the proper number of smoke detectors, all properly distributed and installed throughout your home is crucial and can save lives! The National Fire Protection Agency code has been updated to require all new residential structures have a smoke detector in every sleeping room, plus every non-sleep area on each level of the home. Larger homes require additional smoke detectors. Many older homes do not satisfy these standards.

Remember to change your batteries twice a year in smoke detectors that require batteries. State-Wide Electric’s licensed electricians are here to assist those who are not able or are unfamiliar on how to change the batteries.

Take the necessary steps and call our licensed electricians to help you plan locations and install the latest generation of smoke detectors.

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