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Generlink Portable Generator Inlets

Not ready for a whole house generator. Not to worry, State-Wide Electric is also an authorized Generlink provider.

Generlink Portable Generator Inlets are a cost-effective backup power option. Generlink Portable Generator Inlets are simply a specialized plug that State-Wide Electric installs in between your electrical meter and its meter socket. Options include 30 or 40 amp models with an optional built-in surge protector.

Call State-Wide Electric to see if this option would work better for your home. Our trained experts can calculate the correct Generlink model you would need for your home and portable generator, and work with you for the most effective placement of the Generlink inlet. By consulting with our experts, you will have access to optional custom wire lengths for your portable generator and Generlink location to make your job easier when your power goes out.

Keep yourself, your family, your home, and your portable generator protected with a correct and SAFE hookup option.

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