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Circuit Breaker Replacement

Typically, it is not necessary to replace circuit breakers. Unlike fuses, circuit breakers are designed to reset. Sometimes a circuit breaker may malfunction, wear out or break, which will require replacement. If a circuit breaker is hot to the touch, visibly damaged or has a burning smell, those are sure signs that call for replacement by State-Wide Electric’s licensed electricians.

Sometimes the issue might not always be solved with a simple replacement because the issue might be in a different part of the electrical panel. For example, if a circuit breaker's connection to the bus bar (the main power terminal) is arcing, there is a high possibility that the bus bar itself may be damaged and need replacement.

It is always a good idea to contact State-Wide Electric’s licensed electricians when encountering problems with electrical panels or circuit breakers to ensure safety and prevent risk of fires. State-Wide Electric’s licensed electricians thoroughly inspect the entire electrical system and properly diagnose and fix any problems.

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