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Home Infrared Inspections

Infrared Inspections for the Home

Home infrared inspections are commonly used for those looking to buy a home. Home buyers want to get as much information as possible about the home before buying it and an infrared inspection is one way to do that. If the house has problems and you do not know about them, then you inherit those problems. Get a detailed infrared home inspection from State-Wide Electric and buy that home with confidence.

But you do not need to be buying a home to reap the benefits of an infrared home inspection. Current homeowners who simply want to know more about their home or suspect something may be wrong can effectively utilize this great inspection. And when you schedule an inspection, we make sure there is no interruption to your power. Allowing you to be able to schedule the appointment whenever you want.

About Infrared Inspections

An infrared inspection uses specialized technology that is known as infrared thermography. This technology pinpoints unseen problem areas in your home. A great example of this infrared inspection is for potential leaks in the roof. If there is a potential roof leak, then the area would show up "cool" on the infrared scan. A trouble area will show up "hot" and indicate trouble with electrical or other wiring issues. Many of these types of problems will go undetected during a traditional home inspection, because these issues happen out of sight like in crawl spaces or between walls. Though not being seen by the naked eye is no problem for an infrared inspection. Those potentially troublesome areas can become bigger problems later on if the right measures are not taken. All of the information from an infrared inspection is information any potential homeowner would want.

Licensed Inspectors

Our home inspectors are trained and licensed to use the specialized infrared thermography equipment and to properly interpret the results. Our inspection team has both the education and experience necessary in order to make this inspection worth your time and money. We have decades of experience providing homeowners with professional infrared home inspections. And over the years, we have helped many prospective home buyers make smarter decisions with their purchases. And if there is an urgent matter, then we can fix it on site without needing to schedule another appointment.

Schedule Home Infrared Inspection Today

To schedule an infrared inspection for your home, please reach out to our office today. An infrared scanning and inspection offers early detection to potential hazards. When detected early, preventative measures can be taken to avoid costly system malfunctions. So if you think you are having issues and would like a professional home infrared inspection or you are looking to buy a home, then please schedule an inspection today.

Contact State-Wide

When you reach out, we can go over all of your questions, while also setting up a date and time for the inspection. Our office is located in Glastonbury, Connecticut and we do work for homeowners across the state. Other types of home inspections we handle included non-permitted work inspections and home generator inspections.