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Lighting Installation & Retrofit Services

Lighting Installation and Retrofit Services for Connecticut Homes and Businesses

At State-Wide Electric, we provide clients with professional lighting installation and retrofit services. From commercial lighting jobs and upgrades to home lighting projects, we can handle it all! Get the most for your money when you turn to State-Wide Electric.

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For more information about our lighting services, please reach out to us today! We offer a wide range of professional lighting services for home and business owners throughout Connecticut. Learn more about our lighting installation and retrofit services. See if these are the services you need for your home or business!

What is a Lighting Retrofit?

In a nutshell, a lighting retrofit is a one-for-one lighting replacement and essentially boils down to a quality upgrade of the existing lighting. Retrofits are popular for interior spaces and residential applications. In many retrofits, you utilize an existing fixture and upgrade its internal components. Typically, retrofits are done to upgrade lighting fixtures to more economical or eco-friendly options, such as LED lighting. But a lighting retrofit can apply to any kind of light bulb or any kind of application. 

In nearly all cases, a retrofit will save energy and improve the overall lighting output. This is due to the advancing technology of lighting systems. Our lighting retrofit services will ably enhance the lighting situation and improve the efficiency. Of course, so retrofitting is easier than others. But we have years of experience offering lighting retrofit services and work in areas such as residential, commercial, hospitality, industrial, warehouse and more! From projects both big and small, interior or exterior, easy to difficult, our retrofit services will get the job done and improve the quality of your lighting.

LED Lighting Retrofits

Retrofitting for LED lighting sounds simple enough, but is often a difficult undertaking. One that needs to be put in the hands of a professional like the electricians at State-Wide Electric. There are always a few ways to go about this project. Our staff will analyze the situation and come to a conclusion that works the best for all involved. So whether it is a small project, like the replacement of one fixture, or a larger, commercial project, our technicians will ensure that all is done safely and properly. The bottom line is that each option will present incredible energy savings, money and time. Even if you need a whole new setup, our electricians will be there for you. We are confident we can handle any sort of lighting tasks. And will help you find the best replacement and services for your needs.

Professional Connecticut Lighting Installation

At State-Wide Electric, we provide clients with a wide range of professional lighting installation services. From a full-home efficiency assessment to the installation of holiday lighting, we can do it all! We have experience installing many different types of lighting fixtures. So no matter what you are looking for, our staff can get the job done.

When it comes to the commercial setting, you can dramatically change the ambiance and function of a workspace when you update and upgrade the lighting. Our experts will assess your existing lighting systems and consult with you in order to develop a lighting upgrade and redesign that will meet all of your lighting needs. Any modifications can be accommodated in the planning stages, which minimizes and eliminates costly changes down the line once construction begins. Our contractors always incorporate the best and latest in lighting technologies, such as daylight harvesting, energy efficient lighting fixtures, occupancy sensors and the use of environmentally friendly materials. Our staff prides itself on creating comfortable and efficient lighting environments for our client's enjoyment.

And when it comes to the home, our lighting services extend far and wide. Here are some of the more notable lighting installation services we offer our clients:

Get the best lighting installation and retrofit services when you turn to State-Wide Electric! We use our years of experience for every job we do and go above and beyond for all.