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Electrical Service Changes

Electrical Service Changes for Connecticut Homes & Businesses

As professional electricians in Connecticut, we provide customers with dependable electrical service changes. An electrical service change refers to the process of upgrading or replacing the electrical service equipment on site. This can include the meter socket, the main disconnect, and distribution equipment, such as a fuse or breaker panel. By changing and upgrading the electrical service equipment, it increases safety and load capacity, while also bringing the house or building up to code. If you need help with electrical service changes, then call upon the electricians at State-Wide Electric.

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We work with homes and businesses across Connecticut. We provide all sorts of electrical services, including lighting installations and retrofits, emergency electrical services, and a variety of commercial and residential electrical services. get the best electricians in Connecticut working for you when you turn to State-Wide!

Benefits of Professional Electrical Service Changes

If you are the owner of an older home or commercial property, then electrical service changes may be in your future. You have likely recently experienced electrical issues, like hot light switches, broken outlets, and, the most common sign, flickering lights. Of course, each of these issues can be fixed on an individual basis, but they are usually symptomatic of a larger issue and a sign that you have outdated or damaged electrical equipment. As a leader in electrical service changes in Connecticut, we know firsthand there are some great benefits of upgrading and fixing your current electrical situation. Here are some key benefits as to why you should opt to perform an electrical service change.

Improved Safety

electrical services changes for safety

Older properties feature unsafe wiring, like aluminum and tube systems. Older systems are not suitable for modern appliances and can dramatically increase the risk of electrical failures, fires and other hazards. By opting for changes and upgrades, you will update these older systems with modern wiring and replace old fuses with new breakers, which drastically improves the electrical safety of a home or commercial building.

Additional Circuit Capacity

Many older buildings are constructed with allowances for 50-100 amps, which was sufficient at the time but is not enough for modern appliances and devices which require more power to run. A clear indication that you need more circuit capacity is if you are constantly tripping breakers or losing power in certain areas.  Many modern electrical panels and wiring systems are designed to support up to 200 amps, which allows for the safe running of any device or piece of equipment. On top of this, by increasing the circuit capacity, it allows for the addition of other aspects to the home or building, since you have the power to run all appliances, devices and equipment without fear of losing power or tripping breakers.

Increases Resale Value of Home or Building

If your current home or office has an out-of-date and unsafe electrical panel, then you will be losing money on the home or office if you are selling. A simple inspection will come to find that there needs to be an update anyway, so these electrical service changes are also an investment to increase the resale value of the home or building. It eliminates the need for immediate repairs and provides total peace of mind for any potential buyer, while also increasing appeal.

FAQs Regarding Electrical Service Changes

What Is a Meter Socket?

A meter socket is an outdoor electric socket that connects a meter to a house or building. The meter measures the amount of power used for the home or building, so the supplier knows what to charge. The meter socket has blades on the back that fit into the meter baseplate and must be weatherproof since it is outside of the building. It also needs to have a certain amperage capacity. When an upgrade is needed is when our electrical service changes are called upon.

What Is a Main Disconnect?

A main disconnect is a device that is installed in most electrical systems within customer facilities. It is simply a switch that shuts off all of the circuits within the facility at one time. The main disconnect is usually a single circuit breaker or a fuse block. The disconnect breaker is rated for the total amps and current it can handle at one time. In general, a 200-amp service requires a 200-amp disconnect breaker. With our electrical service changes, we can come down and inspect your premises and help you with the upgrade.